These are some of our lines of action

Daycare and elementary school (Children from nursery to the age of 12.)
In this stage it is important to develop self awareness, autonomy, social skills, psycho-motor skills, involvement and critical thinking. Allowing the collective construction of new concepts through new life experiences, from home to school and back to the community.
High school, daily morning and technical training in the afternoon (Boys and girls from ages 13 to 15.)
The teaching and learning process in this level is developed through the method of projects, a tool we've develped to fit our needs from The People's Education theories studied and transmitted by Paulo Freire in Brazil. Which contemplates a starting point, the cultural, ideological, political and social surroundings of the students, the dialogue of knowledge, collective construction of learning and social and community projection aiming towards the straightening of the student's autonomy.

Dedicated to serve the whole community, the space is open to children, youth, families and friends who participate in all the projects of EPRODEP. In here various activities take place, reading, games, artistic expression, development of imagination and creativity to better reading, writing and other expression skills as well as the critical social and artistic thought.


Community Center for Technical Training and Entrepreneurship "The Good Living"

Space devoted to children, adolescence, mothers, fathers and everyone who is in need of technical training, labor training and other areas such as: Cooking Diplomat, Esthetics Diplomat, Integral Health and Auxiliary Nurse with emphasis in home-care, Chiropractic Diplomat, Bike Mechanics, Computer sciences, Sign Language and Didactic English for elementary educators. All diplomats certified by the Ministry of Education and at low cost.


Economical Autonomy for Women

Project that searches to contribute to the human rights struggles for women victims and survivals of gender violence. Growing and empowering women through economical growth and psychological aid.

Some of the activities are:

  1. Technical formation
  2. Psychological assistance
  3. Entrepreneurship and employment
  4. Political incidence
  5. Community fairs

Prevention of gender-based violence in Educational Centers

Project focused in the prevention of violence inside of Schools or Institutes in neighboring communities around Ciudad Quetzal.

Some of the activities are:

  1. Formation of educators in violence prevention with a co-educational approach
  2. Formation processes with children and adolescents to stop violence in schools
  3. School for fathers and mothers of the students
  4. Formation of promoters in psychological and judicial accompaniment in violence cases inside the community
  5. Cooperation with government institutions and local organizations to promote the development of children and adolescents

Lives Free of Violence for Children, Young girls and Women

Project destined to the protection of the rights of girls, adolescents and women to live a violence free life. Through straightening of our community capacities and networks for the prevention and attention to cases of violence.

Some of the activities are:

  1. Formation to educators in the integral sexual education subjects focused in prevention of genre violence including replicas in educational centers
  2. Artistic and cultural workshops in educational centers
  3. Establishing Friendly environment networks
  4. School for fathers and mothers of the students
  5. Formation of female community leaderships
  6. Cooperation with government institutions and local organizations to promote the development of children and adolescents