EPRODEP's approach in the past few years,

has assumed, as a part of an institutional duty, components such as Human Rights, gender equity, the impeding of sexist and gender violence, undiminished sexual education, support of state policy in favor of children and youth, environement, solidarity economy, entrepreneurship and employability.

There are nine Programs established in EPRODEP that are the main core in every line of action.

Program 1: Promotion of Rights of children, youth, women and Human Rights advocates in general

Objective: Since the internal conflict in Guatemala and given Quetzal's City location, history and economic actuality these are particulary vulnerable populations. The main goal is to ensure their basic rights and development.

Program 2: Promotion of a research, reading and communication culture

Objective: To promote public library space opened to the whole community. Promote the importance of reading, research and communication in every line of action.

Program 3: Formation and guidance throught personal growth to children, youth, women, families and communities

Objective: To develop healthy relationships between people and families inside the community based on balance, self acknowledgment, empathy, understanding and support.

Program 4: Secure alternatives to sustainable community development through technical learning and productivity

Objective: Development of character and technical, enterprising and labor skills in children, youth and adults in the community through the pursue of alternatives in training to a better life inside the community.

Program 5: Inclusive socio-cultural recreation

Objective: To integrate more people into a dinamic of organization, recreation and sport.

Program 6: EPRODEP's sustainability

Objective: Develope systemic, progressive, creative, solidary and effective processes towards the economical, social and administrative sustainability of the project based on the active cooperation of everyone involved in the different programs and lines of action.

Program 7: Promotion of Art and Culture in a political organizational dimension

Objective: Creating spaces of artistical expression, we focus on the importance of political action and the force of the organization of the community where children and youth are the main character of the transformation of their own reality.

Program 8: Importance of self-care and our responsability in a healthy life style, family and community

Objective: To promote inclusive health care in the community and integral self-care of the person and family. Training of health care promoters and the improvement of our ecological practices to take care of the environment.

Program 9: Solidarity economy

Objective: To promote experiences based on Solidarity economy according to the needs of the community.


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